Gold River office space solution

Conference Meeting Rooms for Sacramento, Folsom, and Gold River, CA

The conference rooms at all three Business Central locations provide a uniquely adaptable experience that can grow and shrink according to your company’s demands. With our offices located in downtown Sacramento, Folsom’s Lake Forest Tech Center, and Gold River Center, you can use our professional spaces to meet with cross-town clients or gather remote-working employees for a day of training. Each of our conference, seminar, and meeting rooms is fully equipped with useful technology and support teams to provide assistance exactly when you need it. With our professional and upscale conference room environments, you can impress your clients easily and cost effectively. Host a one-on-one meeting with a local CEO in downtown Sacramento, gather your employees around Folsom for a training session, or hold interviews with out-of-town candidates in Gold River—whatever you need, Business Central has a conference room for you.