IT Considerations To Make Before You Move Offices

IT concerns for moving offices

Your office move is approaching at a rapid pace, leaving you scrambling to find a new space that fits all of your requirements. While you may have seen a few places that could work, there’s a lot more to preparing a new office than simply dealing with contractors and scheduling a moving company.

In today’s world, the technological capabilities of an office space are almost more important than the space itself. Some of the world’s most famous companies started out in garages, but entrepreneurs like Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos had the essential IT components they needed to succeed.

To ensure a smooth transition for your upcoming move, the professionals at Business Central have created a list of key IT concerns for moving offices.


Proper planning is the best way to ensure a successful move before any of the heavy lifting begins. When looking at properties, ask the following questions:

  • Does the existing IT infrastructure meet your needs?
  • Is the central location of the wiring convenient, and do you have complete access?
  • If you need a dedicated server room or data center, does the office have the space, correct temperature controls, and essential wiring?
  • How many electrical outlets and power ports do you have access to, and do they conform to your vision of how the space will be set up?
  • Will you be able to keep your existing business phone numbers?
  • Is there Fiber connectivity to the building?

Check the available ISPs

Before making a final decision on your new office location, be sure to inquire about which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are available in the area. Don’t assume that high bandwidth, low cost providers are available everywhere. Once you have narrowed down your office space search to two locations complete an IT assessment of both to make your final decision where to move due to the complexity of some connection requirements, this could take up to 6 months, so plan accordingly.

Take stock of your equipment

A move is a great time to catalog and evaluate your technology equipment. You may be able to install new or upgraded networking devices such as routers and switches in your new space prior to the move-in date. During your evaluation, determine whether your equipment:

  • Is suitable for the new location
  • Is owned or leased
  • Needs upgrading or replacing
  • Requires additional equipment to function properly

Updating and Cloud solutions

While it goes without saying that relocating your in-house servers is essential, don’t forget to update your IP address so that emails and web services get where they need to go. Also, this might be a good time to consider networking and Cloud solutions so that your employees can work from other locations during the chaos. Having a Cloud system in place can also help prevent losing any important data in the move.

Moving day

There is a lot more to moving IT equipment than simply disconnecting and reconnecting your computers. Leave the physical IT relocation to the experts at Business Central! Our IT specialists know how to dismantle your network, safely transport the equipment, install your new systems, and run thorough testing to ensure that everything is functioning properly. For more moving tips, contact our friendly team today!