Environmental Tips for a Greener Office

Environmental tips for a greener office

Now more than ever, it is important that we all go out of our way to protect our planet. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing green habits into your office. You too can make a difference with these environmental tips for a greener office.

Recycle Regularly

By adding a recycling system into your office, you will casually encourage your employees to think before throwing anything away. Instead of tossing their meeting’s agendas into the trash, they will stop and think about how they can recycle their paper materials instead. They then will start getting in the habit of recycling products, like soda cans and water bottles, even when they are at home. It is an easy way to see a big difference across your entire company and in the community.

Go Digital

Strive to work in a paperless office by sending out emails rather than printing our memos and by writing notes on your laptop rather than relying on a legal pad.  You can also take advantage of file sharing systems like Google Docs to send files around to your team.

Instate Casual Fridays

This may not sound like a conventional choice, but casual Fridays may do more than you would think for the environment. By taking a break from their suits, your employees will be saving themselves a trip to the dry cleaner preventing the release of more chemicals into the air. Plus, their comfortable clothes will give your employees something to look forward to and keep them happy.

Relocating to a greener office space is another way to save the environment. To learn more about our green friendly office spaces, give us a call at 916-235-9736 or visit our website.