Five Ways to Creatively Motivate Your Team


Keeping your employees motivated at work is one of the most important things you can do every day. Unmotivated employees don’t work as hard as those who are inspired. Not motivating your team can cost your company money and lower morale. Check out these tips on how to creatively motivate your team to be their best.

Provide a pleasant workspace

Each member of your team should feel at home while they are at work. The type of office layout you choose will depend on the type of industry you are in and what works best for your team. Many workers prefer offices with lots of open space. Encourage your team members to make their space their own by adding personal touches.

Encourage collaboration and support new ideas

Studies have shown that many employees do not believe that their input is appreciated. Often times the best ideas come from the team members who work with your products or services every day. All new ideas should be considered, even if they are not put into practice.

Set clear goals and expectations

A high percentage of employees have claimed to have wasted time at work, simply because they didn’t know what their priorities were. A team leader should make each team member aware of their goals and priorities. Goals should be reasonable while still setting high standards. Offering rewards for reaching goals is another way to motivate your team.

Avoid unproductive meetings

Meetings may seem like a good idea, but they are often big time wasters. In fact, the average professional wastes almost four hours a week in unproductive meetings. Don’t invite anyone who doesn’t need to be there, and be sure to keep things brief.

Manage each person as an individual

While your team should work together, remember to treat them each as individuals. Each person has their owns strengths and weaknesses. Giving each team member the chance to focus on their strong points will give them all an opportunity to shine.

Moving into a new office space is the perfect time to creatively motivate your team. The team at Business Central can help you find the perfect office space, give us a call today at 916-235-9736.