How Office Design Affects Productivity

Office design

It’s no secret that unhappy workers cost a company money. They take more sick days, increase turnover levels, and have a tendency to not work well with others. Today’s workforce places a high value on work-life balance, and many people view their jobs as an experience rather than just a paycheck. How can you boost morale and motivate your employees to work more efficiently without resorting to crazy incentive programs or installing a climbing wall in the breakroom?

The answer is simple: improve your office design and functionality.

The design of your office directly influences the health, well-being, and productivity of your employees and encompasses important aspects such as lighting, furniture, and desktop organization to inspire productivity. A good office design can make or break the creativity and happiness of your staff, so it might be a good idea to make a few simple changes (or even large ones) to maximize performance and create a sense of pride in your workforce.

Find the perfect balance between personal and collaborative space

The cubicle used to be king, but then open space floor plans joined the party. Cubicles are highly productive but encourage isolation. Open spaces are meant to inspire collaboration, but the lack of privacy makes some people uncomfortable. For your office design, make sure you create spaces that provides your staff access to private space where they can block out the noise, have private conversations and concentrate on work and incorporate collaborative space for creativity and productivity

Maximize air quality and office lighting

Working in a cold, musty room illuminated by fluorescent lighting would put just about anyone in a negative mood. Resolve this issue by installing appropriate ventilation and thermal controls and using as much natural light as possible. You will see a drop in certain illnesses, which means fewer absences from work. While you may not be able to knock out walls or spring for skylights, work with the natural light you already have by putting as many desks within view of the windows as possible. If your office has no source of natural light, bounce indirect lighting off of the ceiling or walls to create a more calming atmosphere.

Make everyday activities more comfortable

Ergonomics play an important role in any positive work environment. Not only does it help prevent injuries and reduce fatigue, but it increases productivity by improving the conditions under which everyday activities are performed. Simple things like footrests, palm rests, proper computer screen positioning, and ergonomic desk chairs will greatly improve your employees’ working conditions.

Ditch the clutter

Clutter and productivity are natural enemies, so keeping your office neat and tidy is important. It may be difficult to enforce a clean desk policy, but encouraging a more paperless route or developing an organized filing system can help decrease the chaos. If you go paperless, make sure to back up everything!

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