Private Offices vs. Open Offices

Private offices vs. open offices

Office layouts have undergone substantial changes over the years that have left some generations scratching their heads. Millennials look at past generations and wonder how they worked alone in private offices while Baby Boomers wonder how the younger generations function with everyone working in one open room. While the peace and quiet of a private office may work for some, others enjoy the collaboration opportunities only an open floor plan can provide. Finding the right office design for your business can have a tremendous impact on the productivity and happiness of your staff, so here are a few things to consider when trying to decide which floor plan is right for you.

Private offices

If you are looking for personal comfort and a distraction-free environment, then private offices are the way to go. Your employees will have plenty of personal space to spread out with their own desk, shelves, and filing cabinets, and they can block out distractions by simply shutting the door. The ability to have a private conversation is also a huge advantage. Private offices are also generally seen as status symbols, which goes a long way towards making an employee feel valued.

The main downside of private offices is the lack of collaboration and communication. It’s easy to close the door and disconnect, which discourages comradery, decreases creativity, and inhibits teamwork. Private office layouts are also a lot more expensive to build, and the employee assigned to the office is responsible for keeping it clean and tidy.

Open offices

Companies that thrive on creativity and collaboration may benefit more from an open plan. Ideas flow much more easily when people can bounce them off of each other in real time. Many workers appreciate the sense of community and feel more comfortable bringing suggestions to their supervisors if they don’t have to knock on a private office door. Open floor plans are also cheaper to build and maintain.

While many tech companies thrive on open floor plans, they are definitely not for everyone. With no barriers between employees, many complain about the noise and constant interruptions that cause them to lose focus on their work. There is little privacy, so phone calls and conversations will be overheard, and nothing on your desk will remain confidential. Cubicles offer some privacy but do little to reduce the noise level. Germs are also a problem in open offices, allowing illnesses to spread rather quickly.

Office Space Hybrid – Private & Open Space

In today’s business climate every office space should have private and open office space. (please add to this)

Your office design can help set the stage for success or leave you with a lot of unhappy employees, so choose the right layout for your needs by relying on the knowledgeable team at Business Central. We offer a great selection of offices throughout Sacramento for your convenience, or we can help you maximize the productivity of your existing space with helpful design advice. We will always take the time to listen to your business goals, so give our talented team a call today!