How to Talk About Your Office Space to Prospective Employees

Office space to prospective employees

Recruiting new talent is always challenging and exciting. After spending enormous amounts of time sifting through resumes and online portfolios, you finally select a few promising candidates. However, finding prospective employees is only half of the battle. The trick is getting the candidate to accept your position from among the many others they have in mind.

In today’s society, employees want more out of where they work, but not every office can have slides or nap pods like some notorious tech companies. Using your office as a recruitment tool increases your chances of attracting the best of the best, so now all you need to do is follow these simple recruiting tips to help seal the deal.

Engage them in your company culture

When prospective employees walk into offices full of stock wall art and predictable furniture, they immediately disconnect. Vibrant colors and up-to-date work spaces not only draw people in, but can be used as a great introduction to your company culture. By incorporating your mission, vision, core values, and goals through branded artwork and décor, you will have visual stimuli to accompany your sales pitch and inevitably inspire people to engage in what matters most to your company.

Describe how the office design facilitates communication

Communication is always important when it comes to productivity and employee morale. Whether your space has private offices or an open floor plan, make sure to highlight just how easy it is to communicate between team members. For example, private offices may not offer as many chances for collaborative conversations, but they are great for holding brainstorming sessions without disturbing everyone else in the room. On the other hand, open office designs may be a bit loud, but the fluid sharing of ideas can inspire some amazing new projects.

Show off the office perks

While flashy office amenities like ping pong tables may entice those that are new to the work force, serious job seekers go for more practical amenities. Things like childcare services, convenient car parking, in-house gyms, and coffee bars can provide something of value to your target candidates and help you retain the employees that you already have. To figure out which office perks your employees and prospective employees care about most, just ask!

Don’t forget the details

It’s the little things in life that count, and you can definitely build up some serious credibility with potential employees by showing that you care about the practical details. By highlighting everything from ergonomic chairs and updated ventilation systems to rooms full of natural light and fast internet speeds, your office space will become more appealing by the minute, which might be just what they needed to decide that your company is the place to be.

Make a great first impression on prospective employees by integrating the perks of your office into your hiring process. For more recruiting tips or advice on how to make your office more enticing, contact the exceptional team at Business Central today!